After a long journey through the history of consoles in our section “console emulators for Android” , we finally the fifth generation, possibly by the third, one of the most public has been able to “hook” and one that contributed most consoles . And no wonder, since this generation was a major technical leap from 16-bit processors to 32 “native”, and even 64 bits, as discussed below. It was commonly known as the 32-bit era, the era of the 64 bits, or the era of 3D, [as stated in Wikipedia].

And we say native because, as we have seen in the delivery of the fourth generation of consoles , some companies, usually with little success, they decided to go for “curious” mechanism to extend the life of your machines , a kind of market research before daring to take the final leap to a new console.

If you want to know the most interesting thing of this generation, and especially if you want to play Playstation or Nintendo 64, among others, on your Android device , you do not stop reading!

Fifth Generation (1993-1999)

In 1993, with consoles like Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive dominating the market, technological progress was crying a generational leap and it was. FM Towns Marty 3,DO Interactive Multiplayer Atari Jaguar and AmigaCD32 were the first of the fifth generation consoles, where the 32-bit and 3D had absolute role, but nevertheless would not be until 1994 when the real consoles appear that marked time .

That year saw the light the Sega Saturn , the new work of the Japanese company, which in short, virtually came to be the result of the union between Mega Drive, Mega-CD and 32X, artifacts far from successful, would mean the beginning the “end” of the company. Sega Saturn, although it had its public and today many still remember her as a great machine, no end to set in the market, let alone two giants, the above Playstation and Nintendo 64, sweeping the stores .

Playstation (1994)


Or 15 days after the launch of Sega Saturn, appeared in Japan’s first game console from Sony.Playstation came to market under great excitement and introduced many new features such as Dual Shock Controller (although initially only had a command without joysticks ) the Memory Cards (though others had already used this concept timidly), plus, of course, enjoy great power to move games, many of which were authentic jewelry techniques at that time.

A year later, also known as PS, PS1 or PSX, later suffer a severe thinning that would transform PS-One, came to the United States and Europe, and its success was such that it would become one of the few to overcome the barrier of 100 million units sold worldwide, crushing the previous record so far established by NES.

Undoubtedly, this great catalog of games would be one of the fundamentals for such sales pace.

5 of their best titles

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Gran Turismo 2
  • Tekken 3
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Crash Bandicoot 3

PS Android

Why not, you could not miss Android emulator one of the most legendary consoles in gaming history.Note that from this generation, and will need quite powerful devices (plus enough free storage memory) to support the demanding titles.

From my point of view, I think the two options that I suggest are the best to enjoy Playstation on Android, which also allow you to enable better graphics than those offered by the console , to use OpenGL using plugins (recommended only for high-end equipment). BIOS file system is required to operate:

Google Play | FPse for Android (2.79 euros) Google Play | ePSXe for Android (2.99 euros)

Nintendo 64 (1996)



The great rival of Sony equipment would Nintendo 64 . The company, with extensive experience in the sector and with confidence high after what has been achieved with the original Super Nintendo console and, in addition to the portable Game Boy, would not break generational appointment.

His arrival, nearly two years later than the competing products, the company would serve to create a very powerful and generally superior to the other system, especially if we consider that gave the leap directly to 64-bit . However, Nintendo 64 also have their “failures” as not using the CD and standardized format, continuing the cartridges. The problems arising from this, among other factors, which ultimately would take Playstation far from total sales , though still yet managed to place more than 30 million units.

This console would also have a great catalog which featured games sagas that we had played before, but now, we would see some impressive graphics for the time .

5 of their best titles

  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Super Mario 64
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Turok 3

N64 Android

For an authentic Nintendo 64 in the palm of your hand, I recommend the following option, one of the most comprehensive in the app store:

Google Play | Mupen64Plus AE (Free)

Other emulators in Android project

As mentioned before, the emulation from this generation begins to complicate enough . Whether the lack of power of today’s mobile devices, the complexity of the platform to emulate, or simply because no-one seriously, there are still machines that today are difficult to play on Android. One is Sega Saturn.


Sega Saturn in Android

In Google Play are a couple of Saturn emulators, but unfortunately, so far none of them are too “playable” . Hopefully, we can start making some undemanding title …

Google Play | Saturn.emu Free (Free) Google Play | Free to Saturn (Free)

Laptops in the fifth generation

During this generation also would land some new laptops, but again, that Nintendo would be on everyone’s lips. In 1998, Game Boy Color was colorful to selling Game Boy , so this new version will not be far behind as a collection. If we add both sales, a figure of nearly 120 million units is reached.

The rest of “slot machines” would have nothing to deal with Game Boy Color, but still, a good number tried to cope. They were, among others, Neo Geo Pocket and Bandai WonderSwan .

GBC in Android

Google Play | GBC.emu (Free) Google PlayGBC.emu Free (Free)

NGP Android

Google Play | NGP.emu (3.63 euros)Google Play | NGP.emu Free (Free)

WS on Android

Google Play | WonderDroid (Free)

Here we end for today this new release. We hope you enjoyed it and I remember good times have done.Next week we will return with a new edition to speak of the sixth generation of consoles . Obviously, the emulation of these powerful machines on Android is still in its infancy, but for example, if you can play almost perfectly with another legend Sega Dreamcast . KonickNewsAndroid,Console emulators,N64 Android,Playstation,PS Android
After a long journey through the history of consoles in our section 'console emulators for Android' , we finally the fifth generation, possibly by the third, one of the most public has been able to 'hook' and one that contributed most consoles . And no wonder, since this generation was a major technical leap...